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Handmade jewellery is delicate, and needs to be handled with care. Please read the following information about our materials. By following these guidelines you will ensure that your pieces stay beautiful.

Generally the following applies:

Do not let your jewellery come into contact with household detergents; undiluted or strong solutions or other chemical products.
Perfume, hairspray and creams can remove the sheen and the brilliance of your pieces. For this reason, it is advisable to use aforementioned products and cosmetics before putting it on.
Jewellery should preferably not be worn while working in the house, garden or during sports. This particularly applies to rings.
It should also not be worn while swimming in salt or chlorinated water or while bathing, showering or in a sauna. This particularly applies to plated pieces.


To contribute to it’s longevity we suggest you store your jewellery separately, so that it does not scratch or rub against each other. You can also use the original packaging box for storage.
Fine chains and longer necklaces should be suspended when not being worn to keep them from tangling.


All our silver jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver and is 100% nickel free. It is prone to tarnishing; a dulling that occurs when silver reacts with sunlight, air, skin, sweat, body lotion etc. A natural chemical reaction changes the finish of the metal, sometimes creating an oxidized-look. This is a property of silver metal and has nothing to do with the quality of the metal itself.

A safe way to clean your jewellery with regular household remedies is to use one of the following ways (does NOT apply to plated pieces):

Tinfoil and salt: Pour boiling water into a bowl and add small curled up tinfoil balls and a little kitchen salt. Let the jewellery soak in the mixture for a few minutes. Do NOT use this method for jewellery with gemstones.
Liquid detergent, tooth brush and soft cloth: Add a few drops of detergent to lukewarm water and let the jewellery soak for about 10 min. Use the toothbrush or soft cloth to gently clean your piece. This method can be used for jewellery with diamonds and gemstones, but not for jewellery with pearls.
Always make sure your piece is thoroughly dry before storing.


Some of the designs available are made from gold/rose gold/ruthenium plated silver. Wear and tear can wear away the plating to leave more of the original colour visible. Polishing plated pieces is not recommended as it will remove the plating and return the piece to its original colour.

Gold & Rose Gold Plating – a fine layer of gold/rose gold has been electroplated onto the item. This layer can be quite fine. It is very important to clean these types of finishes carefully – please do not use a silver cloth as vigorous rubbing will eventually wear the plating away.

Ruthenium Finish – a layer of ruthenium is laid onto the item. Ruthenium is not a reactive metal and does not need cleaning. The black ruthenium plating is a durable plating more resistant than the commonly used oxidization. The plating will wear away with time, which is considered normal wear and tear rather than a defect.

Platings can be repeated for frequently worn items to return them to their original condition. If you wish to have an item re-plated please get in touch via email to customerservice@localhost to receive a quote for the service charge applicable.

If you have any other questions about how to handle and care for your jewellery, you are welcome to contact us for specific advice regarding the piece you have bought.

We are always happy to help!